Day 1: Our Team has become more digital!

The pandemic brought new security measures and norms while social distancing became normal practice throughout Mozambique. Many ALG local activities faced new challenges as schools got suspended nationwide for the most of 2020.

The constant contact of ALG Local Technicians with our children is crucial to guarantee the good performance and adequate evaluation of our iniciatives. This allows for a regular analysis of beneficiary needs and a quick answer to them. As quarantine restrictions struck the lack of digital access and Internet data quickly became a constraint. Therefore, ALG equipped our local team with new digital support and equipment: cell phones, notebooks, modems and current stabilizers. 

Due to this investment, communication improved  immediately and the answer to the pandemic became clearer both locally among technicians as well as with our HQ. New informations and beneficiary mapping are now easier to gather while new needs are more efficiently taken care of. The team’s digitalization was crucial to adapt our existing projects to the new reality and start new initiatives during the State of Emergency and lockdown.

This initiative had a total cost of £2.364 which beneficiated more than 1.120 children and Local Team members, with the generous support of the ALMT foundation.

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