New Mentors

Our Mentors team for the In-Touch 4 Impact project is growing! A project in partnership with other Portuguese NGOs: Girl Move, APOIAR and PROSOCIAL, partly financed by Instituto Camões.

Aiming to activate female talent and inspire younger girls, ALG decided to also activate older children’s talent and skills. Choosing three older girls that fit the project’s profile: Raquel, Hermínia and Carla are part of ALG’s Portuguese sister-charity, UPG Sponsorship program in São Vicente de Paulo. Starting in November, these girls will contact weekly with the younger ones to pass on crucial values and knowledge, such as: self-esteem and self-worth, education importance, vocational guidance, diseases and their transmission, among many others.

Therefore, ALG believes that the project will allow community development through strong and empowered women.

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