ALG’s Tooth Doctor

One of the first ALG Uni Scholarship holders, Gil Mucavele studied Dental Medicine from 2011 to 2016. Creative, a very hardworking person, and a driven young man, Gil is a mover and shaker. Teaching community children to play guitar, working as a DJ and producing music that plays in several national radio stations, and even winning a Vodafone contest allowing him to sew the brand’s new uniforms, Gil continues to amaze us.

However, Gil’s biggest dream is owning his Dental Care Clinic. Gil gives private appointments, works in Xai-Xai Provincial Hospital and teaches in Chicubane and Universidade São Tomás de Moçambique. Closely following Gil’s growth, ALG will help Gil achieving his dream. ALG Income Generation comprehends an outright grant and loan portion, allowing Gil to start seeing his Clinic being built.

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