Thank you ALMT for your Little Gesture!

Due to the pandemic and social distancing, many ALG projects faced challenges to assure a good performance and implementation while adapting to the current moment, to continue administrative work, to allow the mapping of new information and a quick answer to new local needs imposed by the local context. In communities where people lack access to digital support and work-from-home systems are required to overcome the listed challenges above, a new Digital Support Equipment was a key factor in ALG answer to children’s new needs.

The ALMT Foundation contribution to the ALG Covid-19 Emergency Fund financed directly and exclusively the Digital Support Equipment for 8 ALG work centres, providing computers, modems, current stabilizers, and ongoing Internet data. The ALMT allowed the capability for good communication and data register, teleworking, and an easier access to much needed academic or informational material during the pandemic.

This equipment will not only support ALG projects during the current moment but also with children returning to schools in different stages and prevention measures, such as social distancing, continuing to be a norm, this purchased Digital Equipment will also support children to keep up with the school curriculum after over three months without learning, making use of audio-visual tools to enhance their academic performance and success.

Thank you ALMT for your Little Gesture!

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