Baskets for our Local Team!

In the HIV Centre, our 38 HIV infected children will not be the only ones to receive Covid-19 Emergency Baskets twice a month!

ALG has been distributing food & hygiene baskets to these HIV-infected children since the pandemic forced the centre to close and social isolation in this rural community. ALG recognised the local difficulties in most families after being deprived of selling on markets and streets, for many their key source of income, driving up hunger. These baskets are essential for poverty relief to families during the quarantine period.

This month we are also supporting the families of our HIV Centre team. Cook Alice, Cleaner Nilza, Monitor Generosa and Dona Linda have received, in addition to their monthly wages, a basket full of products that will help their households, in a community where the average number of family members is 4 to 5 relatives.

With Covid-19 Emergency Baskets full of Rice, Dry Beans, Flour, Oil, Fish , Soap in liquid and bars forms, as well as Face Masks, these products will help to minimize local hunger, as well as secure better health conditions and general well-being during the quarantine.

Until this moment, on this initiative ALG spend £3’885.

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