A New Way to Study

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Emergency State declared at the end of March, Mozambican children are not allowed to attend school or leave their homes. The ALG programmes in After-Class Support in the Santa Luísa de Marillac school (SLM) and the São Vicente de Paulo school (SVP) provided new educational materials during the quarantine to keep up interest in learning.

Our ALG Monitors have been working together in developing exercises and information sheets in the subjects where our children present more difficulties – Portuguese and Maths. The worksheet distribution will give priority to students in school years with national exams (Years 5-7-10-12), as well as children that recently started school education (Years 1-2).

These information sheets and exercises are displayed in the windows of the After-Class Support Room (SVP) and the school canteen (SLM) so the children’s guardians and older children can copy them and take notes. Our Monitors and Local Technicians are also fully available to answer any doubts or help surpass any difficulties, through calls, personal help in Food Baskets Distributions, or promoting mutual support among neighbouring children.

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