Sports Day

In early march, the first and expected Sports Day edition of 2020. Sports Day is a day by trimester where ALG children from Santa Luísa de Marillac (SLM) and São Vicente de Paulo (SVP) get together to dispute in several modalities – as football, volleyball, sack race, athletics, African chess (“txuva”), poetry and an essay – while trying to bring the victory home.

São Vicente de Paulo was the big winner of the first edition, winning 4 modalities: a ravishing football game with a 8-1 victory, a contested race, a African chess (“txuva”) game and poetry with a beautiful poem from the SVP Poet, Henriques. SLM fought for the first place, however only won 3 modalities: sack race, volleyball and essay writing.

To end on a high note, after a bid SVP celebration, the two schools enjoyed a well-deserved lunch, while talking and sharing their day experiences.

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