Meet the new scholarship holders

In 2020, the Uni Scholarship Project will receive two new scholarship holders! After proving their good academic performance and a clear interest to continue their studies, Fátima and Jorge join one of our most ambitious projects. This programme allows them to pursue their dreams and continue studying. Get to know them a little better…

The 22-year-old Fátima Nhabanga considers education a crucial life aspect: ‘I would like to continue my studies to achieve my potencial, I always had the dream to study more’. Fátima had previous joined with success a short-term certified Secretarial Technical Course financed by ALG and complementary to her academic studies. In 2020 she is enrolling in a Nutritional Science course running for 4 years in her hometown of Xai-Xai.

Jorge Muthimba is 22 years old: ‘my main motivation to study is knowing that if I don’t study, I can’t have a better life’. At the end of 2015, when some students at Escolinha do André stopped receiving support, a very sad Jorge confidentially told our Local Partner Hélder that without help he wouldn’t be able to continue studying. His dream is to study more, and this year he Jorge will start his Information Management course, lasting 4 years in total.

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