Silvestre – One of the most recent ALG Uni Scholarships.

Silvestre is one of our most recent Uni Scholarships to graduate from his studies! Silvestre is 23 years old and started his Teachers Training in 2017, in the Teachers Training Institute, Chongoene. Always with a smile in his face, Silvestre is known for his volunteering spirit and demonstrates a true calling to teach children. He graduated with an average of 14/20, and he received an admirable 17,8 mark at the end of his Pre-Professional Internship. Excited to begin teaching, Silvestre has a dream of starting an after-class support or any other academic support in Nhancutse, his community. During his studies, Silvestre gained some extra money giving tutoring lessons at home in small groups, already earning experience.

Right now, he’s determined to work and teach children until 7th grade. Silvestre is going to apply for a public job and he has the ambition to, in the future and already working, get his Education degree, providing him with the ability to teach children from the 8th grade to the 12th grade.

Good luck, Silvestre!

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