Day 24: Sérgio Cumbane;

Comunidades Rurais, Chongoene, Xai-Xai

Sergio Alfredo Cumbane is 19 years old and is studying Electricity at Inhamissa Tecnhical School.

Sergio has been in UPG since 2008. For 11 years Sergio took part in the Sponsorship Program where he received a monthly basic basket, school material, and a school uniform. To help his family Sergio used to go to the market sell plastics bags and used to help is mum in the family vegetable garden.

Sergio was always a good student and very hard worker. Once he completed the

secondary school, he wanted to continue his studies. Therefore, since 2019, Sergio is one of the beneficiaries of the UPG University Scholarship Program. His scholarship includes the school fees, school material and uniforms.

Sergio is learning everything to be a great electrician in the future!

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