Day 19: Vania Maluleque;

São Vicente de Paulo, Chokwé

Vania is 12 years old and is in Year 7, at the Escolinha de São Vicente de Paulo, in Chokwé. She lives in the 5th Quarter, in a house with 9 people. Grandma Amélia is the one managing all the children and the home basicsw. Vania is very dedicated to her studies, never failed a school year and her favorite subject is Portuguese. On the 3rd. edition of the Jornadas Desportivas of 2019 (Excercise is promoted by UPG regularly, in a way that incentivates the physical aspect of the sport, the healthy competitiveness, plus the desire to win and succeed). She participated with a poem, written by her and was gracefully applauded by all her friends! Just like any other girl of her age, she is very vain and

always wears clean clother. Her capulana (sarong), is sometimes a dress and sometimes a skirt. Vania is a young girl full of imagination and creativity.

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