Day 17: ‘Mummy’ Bernardete;

Rural Communities, Chongoene, Xai-Xai

Mamã Bernardete is one of the UPG mums, she has been with us for more than a decade. She is the mother of 9 children and has always been an applied worker on her vegetable garden, she plants beans and nuts in order to guarantee a minimal feeding for her big family. Mamã Bernadete is an entrepreneur and started a chicken business. Currently, she sells chicken to UPG which we distribute every 2 months to the children from the rural communities! She sells eggs to the local people! With this business, she is able to guarantee revenue and live decently with her family. Mamã Bernardete always has lessons to teach us when we visit her, she has the capacity to offer great ideas and transform So Little into So Much!

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