Day 11: Aniceta C.;

Escolinha de Santa Catarina, Chongoene

Aniceta Candido is 5 years old and lives Chongoene. In 2016 Aniceta’s father passed away and her family went through tough times. She, therefore, started to live her life only from her mother’s income who is it teacher at Escolinha de Santa Catarina in Chongoene (one of the three preschools financed by UPG)- Beatriz Mucavele. To help soften Aniceta’s fragile situation, who was 2 at the time, she was placed in the sponsorship program of the UPG which offered her a monthly basket with essentials. When Aniceta turned 3, she started to attend  Escolinha da Santa Catarina where she has access to two meals a day, preschool education where se lives in a happy and safe environment. In 2019, Aniceta was part of the Pre School graduating class being a very enthusiastic child, quite smart and extrovert and loves to sing and perform activities in school.

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