Day 8: Armando & Berta Mahumane;

 Escolinha da Santa Catarina, Chongoene

Berta Mahumane is 3 years old, lives in Nhocoene and this year entered the Escolinha de Santa Catarina in Chogonoene (one of the three pre-schools that are financed by UPG). Berta’s parents are no longer together and she lives with her mum who suffers from a mental disorder, with her grandmother who is practically blind and with her brother Armando who is 6 years old and also attended the Escolinha but is now in first grade!

At the Escolinha de Santa Catarina, Berta has access to two meals per day, pre-school education, a safe space, and a happy environment. Her brother Armando, giving

that he no longer belongs to the Escolinha community he now transferred to “Programa de Apadrinhamento” so that he could continue to benefit from UPG, he currently receives a monthly essential basket with school supplies and school uniform. 

Regardless of his family’s situation, Berta was still able to get through some personal difficulties and shyness and has now a good school development and is now very happy at Escolinha.

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