Day 7: ´Mummy´ Noémia, Talita’s Mum;

São Vicente de Paulo, Chokwé

Noémia, Talita’s mum, has HIV but always fought for a better life for her family. Her jobs have always been odd but unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get work every day so that she could sustain her family. Therefore, in 2016 UPG financed (through the Projeto Geração de Rendimentos) a sales stand where Noémia was able to work and gain a stable amount of money. In 2017 and 2018, Noémia received new financial help in order to increase the number of products she could sell in her stand (such as coal, coconuts, firewood, popcorn, and several other elements), this caused an increase in sales which benefited her monthly. Talita and her family lived in a house with very poor conditions. In 2016, UPG built a new house where Talita and her brothers could now grow safely and with greater security.

ALG seeks to finance the Reconstruction or Construction of Family Housing, which includes basic sanitation equipment – Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. Building huts enables families to have dignified living conditions.

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