Day 3: Alfa Ubisee;

Santa Luisa de Marillac, Manjangue, Chokwé

Alfa is 13 years old and is part of the UPG family: She is currently in Day Care Center for HIV-  A center that assures medical support, medication, food, hygiene, academic support, playful activities, and professional psychological support for children affected by HIV, this center is completely financed by UPG. Alfa is one of 170 children sponsored by SLM. Alfa lives with her mum and 6 siblings. She is a great student (she was on honours board in 2018), an amazing friend and a very sweet girl! Alfa now has a new home (100% financed by UPG). Alfa is happier, she will be happy…

ALG’s HIV Day Centre is one of our most ambitious programmes, our goal is to finance adequate feeding (4 meals), promote hygiene habits and healthcare, and provide customised medical support for children with HIV at SLM School. Medication is controlled by the Vincentian Sisters, with the support of the renowned Carmelo Hospital. With an annual cost of 2 26,900£, in 2019 the ALG HIV Day Care Centre benefited 40 children (+18% vs 2018).

News in 2019: creation of professional skills groups to produce mats and paint fabric, engagement in environmental initiatives such as planting trees and flowers in the school’s exterior area, creation of a teenagers and youngsters club – a club exclusively dedicated to teenagers and subjects focused on this target group.

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