The Youth Club with an Eye to the Future!

On the 28th of June, the Youth Club had a special day. The youngers visited two institutions- Limpopo Hotel and CEPAQ.

In Limpopo Hotel, the youngers learnt about Hospitality and careers as Human Resources Management, Cleaning Assistant, Plumbing Technician, Hotel Manager and receptionist. In CEPAQ- Aquaculture Research Centre, they learnt about Aquaculture and careers as Fish Farming Technician, Fishing and Aquaculture Technician.

The Youth Club was inaugurated in the beginning of 2019- a club guided by Phycologist Ácio and dedicated to teenagers and to approach topics such as Sexual Education, Drugs and Alcohol, Careers, Social Values etc..

Thank you so much CEPAQ and Hotel Limpopo for this opportunity!

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