Day 22 – Celebrating PEP stores donation

PeP is a chain of clothing and convenience stores spread all over Mozambique and South Africa. Pep’s delegate in Xai-Xai became aware of A Little Gesture’s work and, considering the stocks available, he made a generous clothing donation for children (and respective families) attending Escolinha do André, Escolinha Flor da Infância and Escola Santa Catarina, all located in Xai-Xai.

The donation was handed out in June, during a beautiful event, which was attended by Pep’s Delegates from Xai-Xai and Maputo. It was an extremely happy day for the donors who witnessed the happiness of children and families receiving these items and felt how sensible it is to be closer to the community! A Little Gesture’s stronger presence in the region is promoting solidarity among local traders, and besides achieving these donations, we also wish to increase the power of negotiation to benefit children. Our aim is to foster caring, supportive and dynamic communities.

Help us to keep telling more stories like this in 2019, with a Little Gesture (here)

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