Day 10 – Getting to Work at S. Catarina Pre-school

In 2018 , our Santa Catarina Preschool, in Chongoene, had loads of positive energy.  By getting to work and with over £2´500 raised within the A Little Gesture family, we managed to provide a more comfortable and safer space for our tiny children to grow up. We installed new windows and doors, we decorated the walls with colourful drawings, and the 4th school had power installed for the first time. What a difference it makes!

It was a laborious and eventful period regarding the choice of materials, elaborating budgets and gathering labour. But, in the end, it all turned out perfectly! It would not be possible without the help of our Local Partner and our incredible Local Technician, Teacher Cremilde, who was relentless and 100% dedicated to A Little Gesture.

We also relied upon the precious help of paint company CIN Mozambique which enabled us to produce such colourful and diverse drawings with paints at a very special and friendly price!

Our ESC pre-school is looking brand new and bursting with good vibes – it is a huge success! 
Help us to keep telling more stories like this in 2019, with a Little Gesture (here)

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