Success at ALG !

Elisio Alexandre Muhale began with our sister-charity in 2006 when he was 8 years old. Today, as a 20 year old young man, he’s one of our most successful stories. UPG proudly followed his growth providing After Class study help, food and building a home for his parents and brothers, in Chongoene.

Last year, Elisio ended 12th Year, and this year he received support to attend a Technical Course in Civil Construction Painter. In August, Elisio graduated as one of the best in his class, with an average of 17! With his amazing performance and story, he won a fund provided by INEFP – Ministery of Social Security, Employment and Work, to take another Course in Carpentry! Today, he already does some little jobs to gain his own independence.

In 2008
In 2012
In 2018

UPG, our sister-charity, believes that by continuing following the different moments in the lives of our children, many other successful and sustainable stories will be part of UPG family.

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