The best Academic-Sport competitions ever!!

Last weekend, we have opened our new Academic-Sport competitions SVP – São Vicente de Paulo & SLM – Santa Luísa de Marillac. There were a football matches between the 2 Chokwé Programms: São Vicente de Paulo vs Santa Luísa de Marillac, it was a very joyful day. The 21 children from SVP and another 21 from SLM have participated and we had a female match as well as a male one.

We discovered great talents among our girls: Leia Atalia Chivambo, Dervela Matavel and Leonilda Mavenga. All of them scored 1 goal! Among the boys Pedro Milion Cossa and Abel Tui stood out since both of them scored 2 goals!

The event was a success and our children loved it! Friendship and commitment were the key words of the day. The 2nd session of the Academic-Sport competitions SVP & SLM is already scheduled and it will happen in July!

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