Day 18: Children at the Day Care Center "kick" the disease every day

Because the days at the HIV Day Care Centre in Sta. Luisa de Marillac can and should be fun, this year A Little Gesture decided to give a different present to these children who live with such a dramatic disease – HIV.

We decided to build a football field with the support of British Foundation the Egmont Trust who tries to mitigate the suffering of children affected by HIV. When the new footballs arrived, the joy was contagious among children and adults!  

The Santa Luísa de Marillac HIV Day Care Centre is ALG’s newest project. In this region, hugely affected by this disease, the centre provides personalised care to 32 children living with HIV/AIDS: adequate meals, medication control and constant medical support. With £499 per year – £45/month per child in 2017 – we provide a healthier and dignified childhood to our little ones!   Children at the centre still live with the virus but they are stronger, healthier, fit to study and more importantly… they are loved and very, very playful.  

Donate to ALG now!

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