Day 2: This Xmas, fill your stocking with an ALG project!

Want a different present for your family and friends, but don’t know what?

ALG gives you a hand. How about supporting a project in their name? We give you 3 options to for your donation:

  • The School Feeding Programme, for just 3£ per month each child has a daily meal at Santa Luísa de Marillac School (SLM) – – Total Project Cost £28,530 annually (for 900 children);
  • Escolinha de Santa Catarina Preschool (ESC), for 11£ per month each child has access to teachers, didactic materials and meals – Total Project Cost £8,180;
  • Technical Courses at Santa Luísa de Marillac and São Vicente Paulo schools – in the first phase 24 students enrolled in Electricity Course for a  Cost of £2,199.

Such a great idea right?!

For detailed information please contact us at:

Donate to ALG now!

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