Nataniel arrived at the Day Center

In the last weeks, the Day Center has a new boy! Nataniel is 7 years old and in October came to the Day Center because he is infected with HIV and he needs a lot of care.

With the crisis and dryness, Nataniel’s mom, also HIV positive, had to look for other jobs to take care of her 3 children. Her husband died, so she is the family’s only source of income. Nataniel and his mother have medical assistance at the Carmelo Hospital of the Vincentine’s Sisters Daughters of Charity, and now he arrives at the Day Center, where he has a careful diet, access to school, and can play and be with other children.

Nataniel does not speak Portuguese, he entered this year so that in the next he can admit the first class. When he arrived at the Center, Nataniel was very ashamed and shy, as he does not speak Portuguese. He did not play with the other children very often.

The other boys from the Center welcomed the new friend with open arms and it was not long before he felt integrated. They all play together and the other children of the Center are very committed to teaching the Portuguese language to little Nataniel. This is such a lovely story that we had to share it!

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