An exciting new documentary on ALG!

Niko is packing his cameras ready to fly to Mozambique!  

“This September I’ll travel to Mozambique to produce photos and films for small but incredible charity, ALG. It´s “a little gesture” from my part that makes a big difference helping this small charity grow in awareness and fundraising. For 20 days, I’ll be filming their wide range of work in caring for underprivileged children, many orphaned or HIV infected, creating homes, offering school meals, better education and scholarships while supporting single mothers to generate income.

ALG tries hard to apply 90p OF EACH POUND DONATED directly on the children. They are generously supporting the logistics costs of documenting the isolated areas where these children live. All my work will be produced FREE OF CHARGE.
Please follow my little gesture and show your support to ALG with a donation towards my personal target of raising £4´000.  DO YOU KNOW THIS AMOUNT WOULD FEED 93 CHILDREN FOR A FULL YEAR in the Santa Luísa de Marillac School?  
Our support will make a huge difference to the lives of many children!”

Niko T. will travel this Sunday to Mozambique, joined by his cameraman Mattia R., both as volunteers. They will shoot a professional documentary on all the children benefiting daily from ALG’s work and your contributions.
We cannot wait to show it to all our supporters!

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