One month…what a difference!!

Azélia Cuna is one of the girls attending the HIV Day Care Centre.

She’s 10 years old and she’s a hard working student and very dedicated to the Centre. The picture on the left was taken during the ALG’s Board visit in April this year. The one on the right was taken only one month later when our Local Partner and Technician Orcídio informed us that Azélia was a successful case at the Day Care Centre.

Usually, in the beginning of the school year in Mozambique (February) children arrive at school with weak nutritional values, after a break in classes of over 2 months (less for children attending the Day Care Centre).

Thus, as soon as they start attending classes and benefiting from the daily meals at school the children quickly improve, gaining back the lost weight and becoming healthier. Thus, within a month the differences are remarkable!

During the first quarter, Azélia had no negative results and her average is 12; an improvement comparatively to her results last year. So we are very proud of this girl who, thanks to the HIV Day Care Centre, is benefiting from a carefully balanced nutrition and medical monitoring.

You can also help: with £73 per month you are securing a healthy childhood for children like Azélia instead of letting them follow the tragic fate of thousands of children infected with HIV in Mozambique!

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