“I want to save lives!”

Henriques Ausendo Tivane is a child under our sister-charity, UPG Portugal’s sponsoring programme. He attends the São Vicente de Paulo’s School in Chokwé, where ALG has an intervention programme ranging from educational support to the construction of family huts. Henriques’ dream is to become a doctor and work in hospital.

I want to save lives”, he said to the UPG Portugal volunteers! Henriques is well behaved and hard working. His favourite subject is Portuguese because he likes to read and write.

He attends After-School Support classes, supported by ALG, to advance the education of the most underprivileged students in the school. The volunteers currently on the ground through UPG Portugal went to teach there a day last week, and Henriques was elected the best student of the day. He read an entertaining story to his colleagues, coloured several drawings, wrote a text with no spelling mistakes and made a beautiful drawing. For his commitment and enthusiasm on that day he won a little present – a lunchbox!  

Well done Henriques!

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