ALG has a new Local Partner in the SVP school!

ALG has a new Local Partner in Sao Vicente de Paulo School, in Chokwé, southern Mozambique. She is lovely, hardworking and very dedicated to the children!

Sister Alice was born on the 14th of November 1974, in Maputo, and she is the youngest of 8 brothers. In 1997, she was admitted in the Daughters of Charity Congregation, currently completing 17 years of religious life. She has a high school degree of primary teacher. In 2006, she took the degree of Education Planning, Administration and Management. During her studies period Sister Alice was also Headmistress of Santa Luísa de Marillac School (Manjangue), and taught at the Matola School. In 2010, she was transferred to the Xinavane School where she taught from the 1st to the 10th grade, also working as Educational Deputy Headmistress, and History and Portuguese Teacher for the 8th and 9th grades. In November 2014 she arrived in Chokwé where she is currently at the São Vicente Paulo School.

ALG has several intervention programmes in the impoverished community of São Vicente Paulo, Chokwé, in cooperation with sister charity UPG Portugal. Alongsinde an extensive Sponsoring programme for 170 children, we also support the community with projects on Education (after-class study centres, technical courses, uni scholarships) and Infrastructure (family huts and one-off school reconstruction and maintenance initiatives).

Welcome to the ALG family Sister Alice!

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