A new Hut for Marcelino!

Our dear friend Virgínia is organizing a challenge in Portugal to raise £580 to build Marcelino’s Hut.

The construction or recuperation of huts extends ALG’s aid beyond education and nourishment, complementing these goals with a dignified living environment for all the family.

The ALG Housing intervention area gives children, like Marcelino, more than a roof over his head. With the house rehabilitation support, the Right to Food and Housing is fulfilled as per the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. A proper place for children to live in promotes their psychological and social development, and feelings of protection, comfort and safety.  

Do you want to run your own campaign too? – Charitable Gourmet, Athlete for a good cause or a Cause to Celebrate? ALG will help to make your Campaign a success! Contact us at info@alittlegesture.org  

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