The Scholarship of the Flowers in our EFI Preschool!

On the past 25thof July, at Flor da Infância Preschool, we delivered the Flores Scholarship, a scholarship financed by Ribacapital, which promotes the 4 top students who excelled through their results and school performance.

For the 4 year old students this scholarship is composed by a fix amount (c.£40) converted in a Basic Basket and School Material. For the 5 year old students there is a multi-annual scholarship (c.£80 reaching £400 at year 5) until they complete their primary education, which not only contemplates the basic basket but also opening a children’s savings account, jointly with their parent or guardian, accessible only when the child reaches 18 years of age.

In Mozambique only 4% of children have access to preschool education, perpetuating the poverty cycle. ALG wants to change this reality by taking these children out of the streets and providing them access to pre-school education and to school meals, in a safe and didactic environment.  

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