Day 20: We are educating doctors but artisans & cooks too!

In Mozambique only 44% of students finish primary school and less than 1% attends universities. To complement our children’s academic education, ALG supports a program of technical-professional courses in our intervention centres to teach them competences that will improve their employability and potentially break the poverty cycle.  

We finance Technical Education for more than 400 children and youngsters in the S. Luísa de Marillac School and in the CRPE – Orphan Centre Rebirth for Hope. These small, local centres provide the poorest children with a skills-based training for a potential job and future self-sufficiency, outside agriculture and emigration.

From £450 and £500 we pay a year of plot farming techniches and arts&crafts, respectively, in Santa Luísa de Marillac School.   We help ALG children to try to become doctors and teachers. But we also want to support future local carpenters, potters, seamstresses or cooks!  

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