Day 13: Our entrepreneurial Mums in Income Generation!

The ALG Income Generation programme was rolled out extensively in its small format in 2013. It currently supports 121 entrepreneurial Mums of families in need by providing them a small financing amount. The programme tries to allow them to become self-sufficient by developing their own businesses, such as the sales of African “capulana” cloths and domestically produced soap.

The Mums of Banhine, Nhancutse and Chongoene, rural villages around the Chongoene Mission, are previously selected by our Local Partners such as Sister Aparecida. ALG grants them monetary resources (in cash), provides training and follows up on the Mums’ activities. Besides investing in their self-sufficiency we also believe in the development of local commerce. We believe that the success of these businesses can result in a continual improvement of the quality of life for these families, in the self-fulfilment of the Mums and hopefully in an improved dynamism in the villages surrounding them.  

“This afternoon we helped Sister Aparecida in the distribution of funds to the Mums of the Chongoene Mission, in order to allow them to begin work in the farming plots. They signed a solemn declaration and a receipt for the money received. It was a rewarding experience and we could witness the enthusiasm and the commitment of the Mums for everything to run smoothly. May this financing be a Great Help in their development! Thank you very much!!”  

A local testimonial by Indira and Maria, two volunteers from UPG Portugal who helped implement the Income Generation program in the Chongoene region.  

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