A story that is not easy to tell… by Daniel Langa


I’m Daniel Samuel Langa, 19 years old and I live in Xai-Xai. My story is not an easy one to tell, although everything that happened to me is common to the daily life of most Mozambican children.

I began my studies at the Primary School of Chitsebe in Mangundze where I concluded my primary education up to the 4th grade. Moving on to the Secondary School of Mangundze I concluded the basic level from the 8th to the 10thgrade. In 2005, I became part of A Little Gesture a Great Help (ALG) being selected as one of the children under their sponsorship project Little Children of Xai-Xai, launched by their Portuguese sister-charity, UPG.

Before being part of this project my life was very hard. Sometimes I had no school material, clothes, shoes and even food. With the help of Sister Isabel (Dominican Sisters), ALG and UPG, as well as my Sponsor, my situation started to change and so did my life.From that year onwards, when I became part of this project, my sponsor, UPG and ALG have fought to keep me in School, well nourished and with a good life.Today I’m happy, like any other kid, and I’m on the 12th grade.

I’m very proud and want to thank my sponsor, who never forgot me, and always helped me to overcome my difficulties.ALG, working with UPG, has always been a GREAT FRIEND AND MOTHER, looking after all the children who need love and care regardless of their race, gender, colour and religion.

To the Mothers who look after us in Xai-Xai, long live the Dominican Sisters of Santa Catarina de Sena may their love be shared by other children in need.And not forgetting the Great Brother Hélder Machel who is a tireless friend to all the children who ask for help for any misfortune in their lives. A big hug to you all,”  

Xai-Xai, on the 30th of August 2013
Daniel Samuel Langa  

Daniel Samual Langa was under the Sponsorship programme at ALG’s sister-charity in Portugal, Um Pequeno Gesto – UPG. Helder is our local Technician in Xai-Xai. Daniel is one of the dedicated and well-deserving children that we are so proud to have helped.

To know more about UPG’s sponsorship programme email info@alittlegesture.org

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