Little Jafar sends us Letter from the Home for Orphans

I like being here at the Centre because now I know several things about locksmith such as welding, cutting iron with a grinder, and I also know the name of the tools we use.

At school, I behave myself and I usually have good grades. Next year I would like to be in the 9thgrade and maintain my good grades. In the future, I would like to be a judge.The Centre has helped me to be the person I am today. I know that locksmith will not be my future but it will help me to be a different, successful and better man. I appreciate brother Joaquim’s skills and I like to hear him saying he will be a judge. I want to be like him; he is a very good and exemplar friend.

Thank you very much CPRE and A Little Gesture.

Jafar Mateus Santos

Jafar is one of the interns in the Home for Orphans at the CRPE (Centre of Promotion Rebirth for Hope, the Orphan Centre in Chinhacanine) sponsored by ALG UK and UPG Portugal.

The ALG September campaign (see here) helps children like Jafar who want to learn in school and in after-class courses. We want to teach the children skills to allow them to be employed in future and break the cycle of poverty.

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