Technical Courses at the Orphan Home – A Letter from Hercílio to ALG

My name is Hercílio Manuel Ngovene. I’m from Xai Xai but now I live in the Centro de Promoção Renascer para a Esperança CPRE (The CRPE Orphan Centre – Centre of Promotion Rebirth for Hope).  

I’m on the 8th grade and I’m so very happy to live at the Centre because everybody helps me in everything they can and I’m learning a lot, such as locksmith, carpentry and much more. In my heart I feel I have changed deeply. And I owe everything to Brother Licínio who welcomed us at this wonderful Centre. He does everything possible to change our lives completely with joy in our hearts.   From now onwards I want to continue my studies and in future, for now, I want to be a locksmith since I have not yet chosen a profession.

The main change I feel is that I’m no longer lazy to learn, to study and to do my daily tasks.   My thanks are also directed to A Little Gesture for granting me this great opportunity to live here in CPRE. I wish you all at ALG long lives full of happiness and I’m sending a big hug to everyone helping us.”  

Hercílio is one of the interns in the CRPE Home for Orphans sponsored by ALG UK and UPG Portugal.The ALG September campaign (here) helps children like Hercílio who want to learn in school and in after-class courses.

We want to teach the children skills to allow them to be employed in future and break the cycle of poverty. Donate Now!

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