A Little One – Rui’s story in The Little School of S. Catarina

Rui de Jesus Muianga is 4 years old and lives with his uncle as his mother abandoned him when little and his father left to work in Maputo. 
He is a poignant example of why ALG invests in pre-schools such as Escoliha Santa Catarina Ppreschool and Escolinha Flor da Infância Preschool, in Mozambique. 

Before Rui came into Escolinha de Santa Catarina, he suffered from severe anaemia and had several crisis falling often into medical care. Today he has “mata-bicho” (the local breakfast) in the school, usually milk or tea and half a bread with jam, followed by a daily lunch.

While his family support network is almost non-existing, in one of the ALG preschools he has two meals a day guaranteed. Importantly, Rui also enjoys support, care and supervision from an adult. He walks to school alone, but he never skips a day!

This month, each of us can help children like Rui. Our pre-schools receive 170 children aged 3-5 years old and cost ALG from £6’000 per year each, including two daily meals per child, teachers and school materials. With £65 one child like Rui can have a better future.

Donate Now and make a difference in the life of these Little Ones!

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