What if this was your home?

Over 13.5 million people, the equivalent of 2.5 million families or 60% of the population in Mozambique live with no conditions in makeshift homes, as reported by local authorities in Mozambique.  

The reasons behind these poor statistics are the high cost of imported building materials,  the low accessibility to credit for the larger part of the population, especially lower income ones, as well as from the natural growth of the population, with demand far outstripping supply.     

This makes your support even more important.   Make your little Gesture this month and help ALG change the life of a family by building a simple, clean and welcoming family hut. We have built 23 family huts since 2009 and wat to build many more!    

You too can give the gift of a home. May – The Month of the Family Huts at ALG!

Donate Now!

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