Rebuilding daily life after the floods – Silvestre Update

Silvestre, who spent the first days of this crisis on the roof of his house with his children, remains very concerned with reports from local authorities that South Africa will open its dams again under the constant heavy rain.

Silvestre before the floods in his
ALG “uniform”

Today, Silvestre decided to take his daughters to Chinhacanine, on the hills of Mount Chirrundzo, where their grandmother lives. Constantly concerned about their daughters’ future education, he is making plans to sign Albertina, his eldest, into the local school, so she doesn’t skip a school year. The school year was due to start these coming weeks in Mozambique. Albertina studied in SVP – S. Vicente Paulo school, a school for very poor children supported by ALG. Silvestre reports there are no prospects to open SVP any time soon as it was completely submersed last week.

Silvestre is our local technician in Santa Luisa Marillac School, in Manjague, on the outskirts of Chokwé. He is also one of the Uni Scholarship students supported by ALG in 2012, a very dedicated student of Accounting and Management in the University of Chokwé.  

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