Day 14: In S. Catarina preschool, regular and balanced nutrition cured Rui’s anaemia

In Mozambique, only 4% of children have access to preschool education, mainly in urban areas. 50% of the Mozambican population is composed by children who live in rural areas. ALG finances two preschools, in Chongoene and Xai-Xai, helping around 120 children between 3 and 6 years of age.  

Rui de Jesus Muianga is 4; he lives with an elderly and ill grandmother. His mother abandoned him when he was just a baby. Rui is the living example of the urgent need of a service such as sponsored preschools. Before attending preschool he was diagnosed with serious anaemia and had several relapses. Today he has breakfast – tea/milk and bread with jam – and has lunch at preschool.  

This year in March, the Month of Milk, our campaign raised over £650! With this amount it was possible to guarantee more than one year of milk supplies for preschools. These are examples of Little Gestures that allow children like Rui to have proper nourishment for their age!

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