Day 7: Victims of a fire, Flora and Alberto rebuilt their lives in a new home

Flora and Alberto live with their mum Verónica Mucavele, 38 years old, in Nhancutse, in the Chongoene area. Their older brother Neldo is 19 years old and lives with his uncle and aunt in Maputo where he attends 10th grade. Their home has a small plot where Mum Verónica grows corn, cassava and beans.  

The family’s home was destroyed by a fire earlier this year and all their possessions disappeared… they lost everything. Mom Verónica had gone out to visit her mother who was ill, while her son, little Alberto Uqueio, stayed at home doing some tasks to help his mom. When Verónica returned home everything had burnt and all her few things too.  

Mother and children slept in a small shed and received help from friends and neighbours. A classmate from school gave Alberto an old note book, already worn, but with some sheets left were Alberto could write down his lessons. Despite her difficulties Mom Verónica, was a volunteer in the local school and always said that it made her feel good.  

In June this year, some dedicated donors accepted an ALG Challenge and launched a private fundraising campaign to build family huts. By auctioning a personal painting in a family shop and on Facebook they were able to fully finance the construction of Veronica’s new hut – so Flora and Alberto now have a proper house to live in!

Will YOU accept an ALG Challenge too?

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