An Update from our Uni Scholarship student Hilário

My name is Hilário da Conceição Leandro Langa, born on the 9th of September 1989, in Chókwè, District of Chókwè, and Province of Gaza. Like any other child I had a happy childhood surrounded by my parents and brothers, although we were poor.I began my studies in the Primary School of the First Neighbourhood in Chókwè and finished secondary education in the Secondary School of Chókwè, in 2010.

In 2009, I started volunteering in the São Vicente de Paulo School, where happily I did and continue doing my job. In 2010 I concluded the last year of secondary education without any prospects to continue my university education. In the same year I was promised a scholarship which came true, in the following year, when I started attending the Business and Administration Course, in the Economy and Management University.

Now I’m proud and happy because I’ll be the first in my family with a degree! I have been doing my best to do the right thing and to be able to be one of the best students of the University.

My grades during  the first semester were:
1 – Macroeconomics 1: 16  
     2 – Commercial Law: 16
     3 – Financial Accounting 1: 17
     4 – Financial Mathematics 1: 13
     5 – Technical English 1: 14

Through my grades it is easy to see that I’m terrible at Financial Mathematics and English but I promise that I will try hard to overcome this crisis.
In the psychological development area the University scholarship helped me immensely in the areas of analysis, expressivity and development of new ideas.

Thank You!
Hilário Langa 

Hilário, an ALG Uni sponsored student in 2012, is also a dedicated and kind ALG Local Technician supporting us in SVP school. To know more about ALG’s University Scholarships contact us at More dedicated but very poor students await your support!

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