Early years….

200 million children under 5 years of age in developing countries do not reach their developmental potential. Studies have shown that high quality/ or any high rated pre-schools have a long term effect in improving the outcomes of a child, especially a disadvantaged child.   The Mozambican government admitted that it is still premature to include pre-school education as part of the country’s basic education programme, given Mozambique’s financial and institutional constraints. Poor school performance in Mozambique may be due in large measure to the fact that most Mozambican children have had no access to pre-school education.  

In Preschool of Santa Catarina, we want to change that. 50 children have access to school and 2 meals per day. They sing, they paint, they learn how to sit, they learn a language different from the dialect they speak at home, they listen to things about the world, they learn about washing their hands, they learn how to play, they see their first toys.   

A Little Gesture can help. For only £125 pounds per year you can help one of these 50 children for too school. That is less £10 pounds per month. 35p per day. To change their lives.  

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