A hut in a time of need

Ten days ago, when I was in Mozambique, I had the pleasure of tell the Nuns running Santa Luisa de Marilac School that A Little Gesture UK would be able to finance the 3 huts they had requested, before the end of the year.

That day was full of joy, as we met the children and took the opportunity to give Sandra and Teresa their new hut, financed by UPG Portugal (www.umpequenogesto.org).     

As part of our visit to the neighborhood, we also visited the 3 huts we were meant to rebuild – one of them for brothers Elidio and Nelson. I had already had the chance of meeting Elidio, whom I told facing his huge smile that he would get a new house. Nelson was in a fever and I think he was not as aware, but we still went to the house and told them and the grandmother that we would build a house soon. 

I am glad we did that, as the rain season is already starting and a good part of their house vanished this week. 

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